Luigi Spinoglio

Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica, Italy

User Biography : Dr Luigi Spinoglio Born in Torino, Italy the 11th June 1956. Senior Staff Scientist at IFSI-INAF (since 1988). Research work: 2010: PI of two Herschel GT1 proposals in the eld of Active Galaxies. 2007-2009: INAF Representative in the European Network ARENA, for the exploitation of the Antarctic Station Concordia for astronomical purposes. 2005-present: CoI of the SPICA-SAFARI project and National Representative of the SAFARI Consortium in Italy. 2004-present: Member of the Herschel-SPIRE Consortium. CoI of the Herschel GT proposals. 2002-2003: CoI of the KMOS2 proposal for the 2nd Generation Instruments for ESO-VLT. 1998-present: Associate scientist for the SPIRE Herschel Consortum; Associate scientist for the LFI Planck Consortium. Preparatory work on the Herschel ESA Mission. 1998-2001: National Coordinator of "Submillimeter Astronomy", project funded by the National Research Council. National Coordinator of "Data analysis of the ESA mission ISO", funded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI). National representative of the CODATA ICSU Organization. 1995-2001: Member of the TAC of the TIRGO Telescope. 1994-1997: Member of the Physics Committee and of the Informatics Committee of the National Research Council of Italy. 1988-1998: ISO-LWS Astronomer. Preparation of the ISO-LWS Core Program. 1986-1992: Visiting Astronomer at Lick, ESO, CTIO, and S.Pedro Martir Observatories. 1986-1987: NATO Research Fellow at the University of California at Los Angeles (US). 1984-1985: Research Fellow at Southampton University (UK). 1982-1983: Analysis work on the infrared emission of star forming regions. 1981: Thesis on the development of a millimeter photometer for the TIRGO telescope (IAS-CNR, Frascati). Main research interests: the study of active galaxies and star forming regions. Co-author of 85 articles on refereed international journals.

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