Vitold E. Galkin

University of Virginia, USA

Vitold E. Galkin was born in Saint-Petersburg,Russia, in 1972. He received the Master degree in Biotechnology and engineering from Saint-Petersburg State Technological Institute, and the Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Cytology of Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1999 Dr. Galkin joined the group of Dr. Edward H. Egelman in the University of Virginia as a Postdoctoral fellow. Since 2010 Dr. Galkin is Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry in the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center. The main interest of Dr. Galkin scientific research was development of new and unique algorithms for reconstruction of cell polymers having a helical symmetry from electron microscopic images. Application of these algorithms to filamentous actin (F-actin), actin filaments decorated with actin binding proteins revealed multiplicity of structural states of F-actin and contributed to understanding of the unique conservation of actin’s sequence over the evolution. Over the course of his career Dr. Galkin contributed to the understanding of the mechanisms of the homologous recombination catalyzed by the RecA/RadA/Rad51 family of proteins that form helical filaments on DNA. Application of the new technique to 3D-reconstruction of those polymorphic filaments revealed the regulatory role of the “small lobe” domain in the filament activation, while analysis of interaction of BRACA2 protein with the Rad51 filament provided structural basis to understanding of why point mutations in the BRCA2 domains result in autosomal dominant familial breast cancer. Dr. Galkin is also interested in understanding of structural aspects of the bacterial pathogenicity. His studies on virulence factors from Salmonella typhimurium and Campylobacter jejuni were published in Science journal.

Biography Updated on 27 September 2011

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