Mohamed Khayet

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain


Mohamed Khayet obtained his Ph.D. degree in 1997 from the Solar Energy Group, Faculty of Physics, the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Madrid, Spain. His thesis represents a major contribution to membrane distillation technology. He got predoctoral and postdoctoral grants from different institutions. He has been active in the field of membrane distillation since 1992 and has since then contributed a substantial number of articles (over 100 papers) on the subject to various international refereed journals, including among others, the Journal of Membrane Science and Desalination. He published various chapters in books and is the author of two books on the general physics and membrane distillation. He is the Principal Researcher of various national and international projects. Currently, he is the Chair of the UCM Research Group Membranes & Renewable Energy and Professor of Thermodynamics at the Department of Applied Physics I (UCM). He supervised various research studies (Ph.D. thesis, M.S., and undergraduate students). His actual main research topics are polymeric materials, membranes and module design, membrane characterization, membrane processes, transport phenomena, hollow fiber materials, nanofibrous materials, and so forth. Khayet is a Member of the European Desalination Society (EDS), the European Membrane Society (EMS), and the North American Membrane Society (NAMS). He is a Referee of the Journal of Membrane Science, Desalination, Polymer, Separation Science and Technology, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, and others. He has delivered many oral presentations at international conferences on membranes and membrane processes. He gave various seminars at national and international Universities and organized seminar cycles. He is a Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Applied Membrane Science & Technology, Desalination, and Membrane Water Treatment (MWT).

Biography Updated on 14 April 2011

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