K. S. Narayan

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, India

K. S. Narayan obtained M.S. degree in physics from IIT, Bombay, and the Ph.D. degree from The Ohio State University in the area of low-dimensional molecular magnetism in 1991. Subsequently, he was a Scientist at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton. Since 1994, he is at JNCASR, Bangalore, where he is a Professor and heads the Molecular Electronics Laboratory. KSN has been actively involved in studying electronic, optical, and magnetic phenomena and exploring device structures in synthetic polymeric/organic/nanoparticle-based systems. His current research activities is focussed on (i) device physics of soft-electronic materials which involves fabrication of FETs, LEDs solar cells, large area imaging structures, (ii) photophysical and transport studies of conjugated polymers and carbon nanotube systems using quasinear field scanning and spectroscopic techniques, (iii) electric field-induced instabilities in elastomeric systems, and (iv) photo-induced charge transport processes in membrane proteins and functional biological molecules such as bacteriorhodopsin systems. He has held Visiting Positions at the University of Illinois, University of Michigan, and Motorola Labs. He has over 70 publications and a US Patent on optical control of polymer field effect transistors. He is an Editorial Board Member of Pramana Journal of Physics and a Senior IEEE Member.

Biography Updated on 8 August 2007

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