Miguel J. Bagajewicz

University of Oklahoma, USA

Miguel J. Bagajewicz is the Sam Wilson Professor at the University of Oklahoma. He has the B.S. degree in chemical engineering from Argentina and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the California Institute of Technology, USA. He was a member of the staff of the National Research Council and an Associate Professor in Argentina before moving to the USA. Dr. Bagajewicz has developed new techniques for financial risk management with applications to heat exchanger networks, water systems, investment planning, and a few others and is active in several fields such as heat integration: he has introduced new concepts in the field of heat integration among many plants and new techniques to schedule heat exchanger network cleaning; water management in process plants; crude fractionation: he showed the relationships between column design and operations and heat recovery (these are energy intense units), and holds a patent for a method that increases the yield of distillates in these columns at no extra energy expenditure; product design: Dr. Bagajewicz’ new field of research is product design as he is pioneering a new approach to product design rooted in the use of microeconomics and hedonic theory; planning of refinery operations: he has added financial risk considerations and pricing; instrumentation networks: author of a book on the topic. He worked at Simulation Science, California, where he worked on data reconciliation software (Datacon). He also performed onsite training. Finally, he has served in various scientific committees of international conferences and has served as coordinator of AICHE area 10c. He is the member of the advisory boards of IECR, Recent Patents on Engineering, The Open Chemical Engineering Journal, Research Letters in Chemical Engineering, and Revista Ingeniería e Investigación (Colombia).

Biography Updated on 13 December 2007

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