María Luisa Pignata

National University of Córdoba, Argentina

María Luisa Pignata studied biochemical sciences, and subsequently she obtained a Ph.D. degree in chemical sciences at the National University of CÓ rdoba, Argentina (UNC). Since 1990, she has been Full Professor of General Chemistry for Biological Sciences (UNC) and Environmental Chemistry Professor for the Environmental Engineering Masters in the National Technological University (UTN) and UNC. Since 2000, she has been the Director of the Area of Contamination and Bioindicators in the Multidisciplinary Institute of Vegetal Biology (CONICET-UNC). Her research goals emphasize multidisciplinary projects in relation to biology, chemistry, and environmental sciences. Applications include environmental monitoring and biomonitoring of air, water, and soil pollution in relation to accumulation of pollutants and effects on living organisms and human health. Her group has conducted researches on biomonitoring of atmospheric pollution employing lichens and vascular epiphytic plants, studies on development and implementation of monitoring procedures employing native species in surveys of large scale, with special emphasis in heavy metals and trace elements pollution. For the last years her scientific interest is focused on the transport and fate of heavy metals in soil and its transference to crops.

Biography Updated on 20 November 2011

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