Alessandro Natali

University of Florence, Italy

Prof. Alessandro Natali was born on October 5th 1955 in Empoli (Florence, Italy),was graduated as MD in 1981. On 1984 he obtained his Postgraduate Degree in Urology at the Urology Postgraduate Department of the University of Florence. Since 1984 Prof. Alessandro Natali developed his clinic and scientific interest in Sexual and Reproductive Medicine. Since 1984 and currently Prof. Alessandro Natali is the Director of the Uro-Andrological Center at the Department of Urology–University of Florence (Italy). In 1984 he obtained a Postgraduate Degree in “Physiopathology of Reproduction” at “Academish Ziekenhul Vrije Univeriteit Brussel -Department of Sterility” of University of Brussel (Belgium) to Prof. Schoysman. Since 1985 Alessandro Natali is a professor of “Urology and Andrology" at Univerity of Florence (Italy) In 1998 he was as resident at “Sexual Medicine Center” of University of Louisiana (USA) to Prof. Williams. In 1999 he was as resident at University of California (San Francisco, USA) to the following Hospitals: * “Mt. Zion Andrological Medical Center” to Prof. Lue * “San Francisco General Hospital” to Prof. Mc Aninch. * “San Francisco Male Reproductive Department” to Prof. Turek. The scientific activity of Prof. Alessandro Natali (Impact Factor 130.78) includes more than 350 articles in the most important urological and andrological international peer-reviewed journals. Prof. Alessandro Natali has authored or co-authored more than 25 books and book chapters on uro-andrological diseases and surgery. Prof. Alessandro Natali serves as member of the board of several national and international societies: Italian Society of Andrology (SIA) Italian Society of Urology (SIU) European Association of Urology (EAU) International and European Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM, ESSM)

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