Alexander B. Pushkarev

Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Ukraine

Alexander B. Pushkarev was born on 3 July 1975 in Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine. He is a Senior Researcher at the Radio Astronomy Laboratory of Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Crimea, Ukraine. He worked as Postdoctoral Fellow in the VLBI Group at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Bonn, Germany, from September 2007 to July 2010 and as Senior Researcher at the Pulkovo Observatory, Saint Petersburg, Russia, from August 2002 to September 2011. He was awarded the Diploma degree in astronomy from the Moscow State University in January 1998, thesis title "Polarization studies of a complete sample of BL Lac objects on Parsec scales." He attained his Ph.D. degree in astrophysics and radio astronomy, from the Astro Space Center, Lebedev Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia, in June 2001, titled "Multi-frequency polarization studies of compact structure of BL Lac objects." Pushkarev's areas of expertise are physical applications of very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) data, physics of parsec-scale jets in active galactic nuclei (AGN), kinematics, magnetic fields, spectral index properties, frequency-dependent core shifts of AGN outflows, and radio/gamma-ray connections in Fermi blazars.

Biography Updated on 2 September 2012

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