Jason B. Carmel

Burke-Cornell Medical Research Institute, USA

User Biography : Prof Jason B. Carmel We study recovery of motor function after injury to the central nervous system. We focus on the corticospinal system, which connects motor cortex to the spinal cord. We attempt to repair brain-spinal cord connections using activity-based therapies, including electrical stimulation and motor training. The approach capitalizes on the fact that most brain and spinal injuries preserve some corticospinal connections. Also, corticospinal connections are highly activity-dependent and can be strengthened with endogenous activity (practice) or exogenous activity (electrical stimulation). We use a combination of anatomical, behavioral, and electrophysiological techniques to address the roles of injury and activity in promoting plasticity and recovery. We also study how plasticity of the motor systems changes with age and how developmental plasticity can be leveraged to promote recovery after injury. The end goal of our studies is to inform translational efforts to improve neurological function in people with brain and spinal cord injury.

Biography Updated on 15 August 2012

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