Janet M. Risk

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom


Janet Mary Risk received B.S. degree, Ph.D. degree, and PG Certificate. She works as Senior Lecturer in dental genetics at University of Liverpool, Liverpool, England. Her research is located in the Department of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Research. Risk's research interests revolve around the molecular biology of oesophageal and oral cancer. Firstly, tylosis with oesophageal cancer: tylosis is an autosomal dominant skin disorder associated with a high risk of oesophageal cancer. We have mapped the tylosis with oesophageal cancer (TOC) gene to a small region on 17q25 and shown (using loss of heterozygosity [LOH]) that the locus is also implicated in nonfamilial forms of the disease. The cytoglobin gene has been shown to be downregulated in tylosin tissue and the role of this gene in oesophageal cancer is under investigation. In the last 6 months, in continuation of collaboration with the Cutaneous Research Centre in London, she has been investigating a novel gene that is mutated in the tylotic families. This inactive rhomboid protein, RHBDF2, may be involved in EGFR signalling. Secondly,; research in head and neck cancer is currently investigating the role of gene promoter methylation in head and neck cancer. There are currently five arms to these studies; the role of HPV infection in oropharyngeal cancer, the use of molecular biomarkers to augment the pathological staging of dysplastic oral lesions with the aim of ascertaining if these methods can be used to aid diagnosis of lesions that will progress to cancer, the role of the fanconi anaemia gene pathway in head and neck cancer, methylation biomarkers of chemotherapy response in head and neck cancer, and the role of the tumour microenvironment in oral cancer.

Biography Updated on 28 May 2012

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