Beverly Muhlhausler

The University of Adelaide, Australia


Beverly Muhlhausler holds a B.S. (honors) and Ph.D. degrees. She heads the Metabolic Health Unit in the FOODplus Research Centre, a joint venture agreement between the University of Adelaide and the Women’s and Children’s Health Centre Institute (WCHRI). She serves as a physiologist and molecular biologist with a strong track record in the field of the early origins of adult health, with a particular focus on obesity and metabolic disease. She has led many studies in large and small animal models, and her work has provided significant insights into the mechanisms through which exposure to maternal over nutrition programs an increased risk of obesity and metabolic disease in the offspring. Her publication track record is consistent with a long term commitment to research on the impact of suboptimal perinatal nutrition on the offspring and has made a significant contribution to the fundamental understanding of how fat deposition, energy balance, appetite, and reward are regulated before birth; the impact of maternal overnutrition on fetal and postnatal development; and the link between prenatal nutrition and postnatal obesity. Dr. Muhlhausler has published a total of 48 journal articles, including 34 original research papers (including 14 first and 4 senior author) and 14 review articles (8 invited) in high-impact journals in a variety of paediatric, reproductive, and endocrinology journals in her field since 2002. Her work has been cited over 920 times in scholarly journals, with an h-index of 20. Dr. Muhlhausler also has a letter to the editor published in science (2003) and has written or cowritten 5 book chapters, 2 on the perinatal programming of obesity and 3 on nutritional models and mechanisms of type 2 diabetes.

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