Jonathan R. Day

California State University, USA

Current demographic trends show an alarming increase in the age of the US population over the next 50 years. Estimates claim that 25% of all United States residents will soon be 65 years of age or older. The impact that age related diseases will have on our health care system will be catastrophic. My research focuses on the age related decline in cognitive function and age related diseases of the brain and central nervous system. I study nerve cells in the brain and in culture in order to understand how they communicate with each other. Molecular biology and classical neuroanatomical methods are used to examine several different aspects of cell to cell interactions in the developing and aging brain. The goal of this research is to learn how to maintain and strengthen cellular connections in the nervous system and thus, reduce the impact of disease and aging on brain function. Price M, Lang MG, Frank AT, Goetting-Minesky MP, Patel SP, Silviera ML, Krady JK, Milner RJ, Ewing AG, Day JR 2003 Seven cDNAs enriched following hippocampal lesion: possible roles in neuronal responses to injury. Molecular Brain Research 117:58-67 Munoz TE, Giberson RT, Demaree R, Day JR 2004 Microwave-assisted immunostaining: A new approach yields fast consistent results. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 137:133-139 Lavery K, Gabler C, Day J, Killian G 2004 Expression of haptoglobin mRNA in liver, oviduct and follicles during the oestrous cycle of cows (Bos taurus). Animal Reproduction Science 84:13-26 Ferris AM, Giberson RT, Sanders MA, Day JR. 2009 Advanced laboratory techniques for sample processing and immunolabeling using microwave radiation. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 182:157–164

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