Simonetta Corsolini

Università degli Studi di Siena, Italy

Simonetta Corsolini earned the Ph.D. degree in environmental biology and serves as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Environmental Science, University of Siena, Italy. She is a Member of the Academic Teaching Staff of the Ph.D. School in Earth, Environmental, and Polar Science. She coordinates a grant of the Erasmus Lifelong Learning Program of the European Community (in fishing science) in collaboration with the University of Trömso, Norway. Her work has been focused since the beginning on the study of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and their bioaccumulation and biomagnification in food webs (from lower trophic levels to cetaceans, marine turtles, fish, sharks, and seabirds) of Polar and Mediterranean Seas, nondestructive/nonlethal sampling methods of organisms for POP analyses, TEQ and TWI assessment, breeding and feeding ecology of Adélie penguin and South Polar skua, and their relationships with POPs levels in their tissues. She participated in 7 expeditions to Antarctica within the Italian Program of Research in Antarctica, PNRA, and in 1 expedition in the Arctic within TUNU-MAFIG Program, University of Trömso. She was a Member of the CCAMLR Working Group on the Ecosystem Monitoring Management (1996-2005). She has/had been serving as a Researcher/Principal Investigator of projects funded by PNRA and of other national research programs funded by Italian ministries and foundations. She (co)authored more than 80 articles published in international scientific journals, 12 chapters of book, and more than 90 proceedings and extended abstracts of national and international conferences. She serves as a Reviewer of several journals.

Biography Updated on 23 November 2011

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