Bernard Bodo

Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, France

Bernard Bodo is an Emeritus Professor at Laboratory of Chemistry, UMR 7245 CNRS/MNHN. In 1965, he was a chemical engineer at École Supérieure de Chimie Industrielle de Lyon (ESCIL). He received a Ph.D. degree in chemistry (1975) from University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris VI. In 1966, he was an assistant at the National Museum of Natural History, then Professor in 1987, and since 2010 Emeritus Professor. His research interests are in chemistry of natural products with biological interests: isolation, determination of molecular structures (mass spectrometry, 2D NMR), synthesis, biosynthesis, bioactivity, and mechanism of action; understanding the chemistry and the role of natural products and highlighting their interest in ecology and pharmacology, organic synthesis, lichen chemistry, microfungi chemical interactions with plants, natural peptides such as peptaibols from Trichoderma fungi and cyclopeptides from plants (sequence, 3D structure, and biological activity); and chemistry of medicinal and toxic plants in order to identify the substances (alkaloids, polyphenols, terpenoids,…) responsible for their observed properties (in collaboration with foreign universities). He was a Member of the Scientific Council of the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB) since 2008.

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