Doina Humelnicu

Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Romania

Doina Humelnicu has received the D.S. degree in chemistry under the title "Study of CRUD products which results from the technology of obtaining nuclear pure uranium”, and from 2000 to 2004 he became Associate Professor at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, Romania. His main research area deals with investigation of the environment radioactivity and synthesis of new materials with the potential to be used in the recovery process of various radioactive ions from different industrial wastes. Presently he is interested in investigating the impact of different radionuclide and heavy metals species on the environmental compartments. The newly synthesized materials are meant to be used as sorbents for the radioactive ions from residual water. Results of these research activities are already published in international and national journals or presented within national or international conferences. Practical and theoretical skills include removal of some radioisotopes from residual waters by biosorption using algae and hydrophyte plants, removal of radioactive ions from wastewaters using different types of inorganic material (zeolites, clays and pillared clays, cellulose, modified cellulose), synthesis and characterization of some classes of coordinative compounds of transitional metals, use of high-top technologies for the synthesis of inorganic materials or modified celluloses with direct applicability in investigating the role of various pollutants in the environment (radioactive ions especially), investigation on the kinetic and thermodynamic properties for the retention of radionuclide species on natural synthetic materials, use of new analysis techniques such as, FT-IR, UV-Vis, RMN gamma spectroscopy, and development of abilities to solve complex problems in multidisciplinary projects (combining laboratory studies and synthesis of new materials).

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