Paul W. Huber

University of Notre Dame, USA


Paul W. Huber received the B.S. degree in biology and chemistry from Boston College in 1973. In 1978, he earned the Ph.D. degree in biochemistry at Purdue University followed by postdoctoral studies at the University of Chicago. During this time, he became interested in RNA structure and RNA-protein interactions. He continued this research when he took a faculty position at the University of Notre Dame in 1985. Much of his work has focused on two proteins, transcription factor IIIA (TFIIIA) and ribosomal protein L5, that have mutually exclusive binding sites on 5S ribosomal RNA. These two proteins are the mediators of 5S rRNA metabolism in oocytes. This work has encompassed biochemical, biophysical, and molecular biological studies. More recently, the attention of his research group has turned to RNA localization during Xenopus oogenesis. Dr. Huber’s group has identified three proteins that bind to the localization element of Vg1 mRNA and are currently studying the function of these proteins in process of localization. Dr. Huber has served on study sections for the National Institutes of Health and the American Heart Association. He has served as a reviewer for numerous scientific journals and other funding agencies, including the National Science Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, and the Israel Science Foundation among others. Dr. Huber holds the rank of Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Notre Dame and was a Visiting Fellow in 1997 at Yale University.

Biography Updated on 30 August 2007

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