Fabrizio Romanelli

Comau Robotics S.p.A., Italy


Fabrizio Romanelli serves as an Italian Engineer (Automation and Robotics Engineer). He is graduated with full marks at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" in 2005, and he had the opportunity to publish my M.S. thesis "A Navigation algorithm for a mobile robot chasing a moving landmark in an unknown environment" at an IFAC conference in 2003. During his studies, he has always tried to aspire to make his career towards the research field in the robotics field, as he continued with his last thesis "Particle filters for localization and navigation of mobile robots in unknown environments without landmarks" which gave him the opportunity to access to the INRIA Research Team, where he had the opportunity to publish another work in the field of neural networks and artificial intelligence, and where he has acquired skills within probabilistic reasoning and neural networks. After the course of his career, he had the opportunity to acquire experience on the use of industrial instruments of analysis and developing; this experience is very important because it gave him a good basis to help my research in industrial robotics. At the present, he is working in Comau Robotics S.p.A. in the motion control and advanced engineering team, and he is involved in different European projects (SME robot). He is working in tight connection with the Italian CNR (they are developing systems for controlling the robot, e.g., manual guidance device, collision avoidance with the use of sensor fusion and probabilistic reasoning, and path planning) and with other research institutes. During his academic studies and his working career, he has always showed particular ambition towards obtaining results with a high level of reliability (e.g., in software programming), and he has also acquired strong relational capabilities, even in other languages (he can speak English, French, and Spanish).

Biography Updated on 17 March 2011

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