Techung Lee

University at Buffalo, USA


Techung Lee received his Ph.D. degree in 1990 from Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA, USA, and his postdoctoral training from Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA, during 1990 to 1994. He joined the Department of Biochemistry, University at Buffalo, as an Assistant Professor in 1994. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Biochemistry and the Department of Biomedical Engineering, University at Buffalo. His research interests concern stem cell biology and cardiovascular therapeutics. He received Visionary Innovator Award for his stem cell patent in 2011 and also received Siegel Award for Teaching Excellence in 2013. He has served in the NIH Cardiovascular Sciences SBIR Study Section and many NIH SEPs since 2006. He is the Director of Biomedical Research Service and Clinical Applications. His recent publications include Am J Physiol 2012, 303:C1021, activation of Toll-like receptor 3 amplifies mesenchymal stem cell trophic factors and enhances therapeutic potency; Am J Physiol 2011, 301:H2422, intramuscular VEGF activates an SDF1-dependent progenitor cell cascade and an SDF1-independent muscle paracrine cascade for cardiac repair; Am J Physiol 2010, 299:H1428, activation of host tissue trophic factors through JAK-STAT3 signaling: a mechanism of mesenchymal stem cell-mediated cardiac repair; Am J Physiol 2009, 297:R1503, intramuscular VEGF repairs the failing heart: role of host-derived growth factors and mobilization of progenitor cells; Transplantation 2009, 87:1275, muscular dystrophy therapy by nonautologous mesenchymal stem cells: muscle regeneration without immunosuppression and inflammation; Am J Physiol 2009, 296:H1888, heart failure therapy mediated by the trophic activities of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells: a noninvasive therapeutic regimen.

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