Gaspar Perez-Martinez

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain

Gaspar Perez-Martinez obtained the B.S. degree in biology from the University of Valencia (Spain) in 1979, and he moved to Nottingham University, where he earned the Ph.D. degree in microbiology (1985), working on the genetic improvement of antibiotic producing filamentous fungi. Then, he returned to Spain, where he started developing different subjects on molecular aspects of food fermentations and biotechnology at the Institute of Food Research and Agrochemistry (IATA) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). In 1989, he spent one year at Groningen University, under the supervision of Profesor G. Venema and Professor S. Bron, where he developed heterologous protein secretion vectors and discovered the great potential of lactic acid bacteria. Then, he settled at the IATA-CSIC, in Valencia, and since the early 1990s, his group has participated in national as well as EU-financed projects, carrying out pioneering studies in the regulation of catabolic pathways in lactic acid bacteria mediated by the phosphoenolpyruvate: phosphotransferase system and protein phosphorylation.

Biography Updated on 4 September 2011

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