Maurizio Rossetto

Botanic Gardens Trust, Australia

Maurizio Rossetto obtained a BSc (Honours) from Latrobe University (1989), a MSc from the University of Western Australia (1990) and a PhD also from the University of Western Australia (1995). After a number of postdoctoral positions at Kings Park and Botanic Gardens and at the Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics (Southern Cross University) he moved to the National Herbarium of NSW (The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney – Australia) in 2002. His current position is Manager of Evolutionary Ecology (Principal Research Scientist) at the National Herbarium of NSW. His principal research interest is in evolutionary, ecological and conservation genetics of natural plant populations. He uses integrative approaches to identify the evolutionary and environmental processes leading to taxonomic diversification and endemism, and to identify the main factors affecting the distribution and assemblage of plant species. His research is based on numerous and diverse taxa, techniques and study systems (although much of his research has been on rare species, and on rainforest trees), and he is also interested in the development and application of new molecular approaches that support innovative evolutionary and conservation research. He works in consultation with a range of conservation agencies and is directly involved the development of rare species recovery plans. He is a member of the IUCN Reintroduction Specialist Group and is a co-author of a book on rare flora translocation.

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