Christian Grenz

Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, France


Christian Grenz graduated in 1989 at Université de la Méditerranée (Marseille, France) in oceanography. As a CNRS Researcher, he worked in different fields of coastal oceanography, particularly interested in multidisciplinary approaches. Specialized in biogeochemistry, he focused on diagenetic processes at the sediment water interface and the quantification of in situ exchanges at this interface, including dissolved and particulate fluxes driven by diffusive and resuspension processes. Grenz concentrated on carbon and nutrient recycling and particle-associated pollutants in different ecosystems worldwide (San Francisco bay, Gulf of Mexico, New Caledonia lagoons, North Sea shelf, and Gulf of Lion). He federated in the past 2 large research projects and participated as a Prime Investigator to 6 major European research projects. His scientific production includes publications in peer-reviewed SCI journals and books (55), scientific reports (50), and numerous communications in international conferences. He trained many undergraduates and 6 Ph.D. students. He was responsible for the “Chantier Nouvelle Calédonie,” a national research program involving 30 equivalent full-time members during 4 years (EC2CO-PNEC) in which results were published in a special issue in Marine Pollution Bulletin (pp. 267-620, vol. 61: 7–12, 2010). Besides his scientific activities, Grenz's administrative skills has led him to occupy the position of Deputy Director of Centre d'Océanographie de Marseille (COM) during the period 2000–2002. At the end of this mandate, he was involved as a President in the CIRMED-INSU (Comité Interrégional Méditerranée), managing the national fleet in the Mediterranean Sea. Grenz participates as an Independent Expert in different national and international committees (IAEA Wien, Principauté de Monaco projects on sea urbanization). He spent 4 years (2006–2010) in Mexico for IRD (Institut de Recherches pour le Développement) and federated a research project in Environmental Sciences in Terminos Lagoon.

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