Gaetano Granozzi

University of Padova, Italy

Gaetano Granozzi was born in Catania, Italy, November 27,1951. Granozzi completed studies of chemistry at the University of Catania, 1970–1972, completed studies of chemistry at the University of Padova, 1972–1975, and obtained a Degree in Chemistry from the University of Padova, July 1975. Granozzi has been a Full Professor of inorganic chemistry since 1990, teaching courses of inorganic chemistry of materials and surface chemistry. Granozzi is also the Director of the PhD School in Material Science and Engineering of the University of Padova. His research and coordination activity has been carried out within both national (CNR-PF, INSTM, and MURST) and international projects, and it has given rise to over 250 papers published in journals of international relevance. His scientific career started in 1977 with studies on inorganic and organometallic polynuclear molecules as models for the surface interactions (cluster-surface analogy) in catalysis. Since 1987, he has focused his attention on real surfaces studying various advanced materials both from an experimental (several spectroscopic methods) and theoretical points of view. During the last 15 years, his interest has turned toward the preparation and characterization of metal and oxide ultrathin films and NPs. In particular, his attention has been focused on one hand on the preparation procedures in UHV by using carefully controlled deposition conditions and, on the other hand, on the chemical and structural characterization of the surface structures by means of advanced surface-sensitive techniques. He is the Leader of the Surface Science Lab of the Department of Chemical Science of the University of Padova ( Granozzi is a Member of the Editorial Board of Surface Science.

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