Cristina Grange

University of Torino, Italy


I graduated in Medical Biotechnology in 2004 at the University of Turin (110/110 cum laude). I have done my phD in Medical Pathophysiology earning my doctorate in 2007 with a thesis entitled “Endothelial differentiation of human mammary tumor stem cells”. I am the author of 49 scientific publications in international journals and 3 chapters in scientific books (my h-index is 24, calculated for ten years using “Scopus” web site). My research was initially focused on the characterization and on the role of tumor endothelial cells and cancer stem cell population from human renal cell carcinoma and from breast tumor, demonstrating the ability of cancer stem cells to differentiate in vitro and in vivo into endothelial cells, participating to the vasculogenesis process. For first, we isolated and characterize cancer stem cells from human renal carcinomas. Based on my consolidated experience in the field of stem cells, especially of cancer stem cells I have studied the biological role of extracellular vesicle shed by renal cancer stem cells in term of advantage of tumor progression and metastasization in vitro and in vivo. I characterized the content of extracellular vesicles in term of proteins and RNAs (mRNAs and miRNAs). The results of this project better explain the biology of human renal carcinoma and hypothesize the formation of a pre-metastaic niche, induced by factors released by primary tumor. In parallel, I reach strong experience in the study of the role of extracellular vesicle released from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) of different origins in several mouse models of renal damage, and to monitor their bio-distribution by Optical Imaging in vivo. We published several papers demonstrating the regenerative effect of extracellular vesicles in preclinical model of on acute and chronic kidney injury models.

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