Paul Kleiber

University of Iowa, USA

Paul D. Kleiber received the B.A. degree in physics from Occidental College in 1976, and the Ph.D. degree in physics from the University of Colorado in 1981. His Ph.D. thesis research involved studies of the modification of atomic collision dynamics in strong laser fields. He joined the University of Iowa in 1983, where he is currently a Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Professor Kleiber’s research interests have included studies of excited state chemical kinetics and dynamics in the gas phase, and the application of laser photodissociation spectroscopy techniques to study structure, bonding, and chemical dynamics in weakly bound ion-molecule clusters. Much of his current research focuses on studies of the optical and chemical properties of atmospheric dust aerosols that play a key role in establishing the physical and chemical equilibrium of the troposphere. Professor Kleiber is a Member of the American Physical Society, and the American Geophysical Union. He served as a JILA Visiting Fellow in 1993–1994, and was elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2007.

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