James Danckert

University of Waterloo, Canada

Current Position: Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Cognitive Neuroscience, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Waterloo, CANADA Degrees: Bachelor of Arts (University of Melbourne, Melbourne Australia), Master of Science (Clinical Neuropsychology; La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia), PhD (Neuropsychology; La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia Areas of Expertise: The bulk of my work has focussed on understanding the neural and congitive mechanisms involved in spatial attention. This ha encompassed behavioural studies with healthy individuals, patients with Alzheimer's Disease, patients with schizophrenia and most prominently patients with a neurological disorder known as unilateral neglect. Neglect patients behave as if one half of their world has ceased to exist. We have explored models of attention in neglect, the impact of rehabilitation techniques including prism adaptation and more recently have developed a model of the neglect syndrome as a disorder of representational updating. That is, in addition to their obvious attentional deficits, neglect patients show an inability to use new information to update mental models of the environment that would in turn normally be used to guide behaviour. Recent papers: Danckert, J., Stöttinger, E., Quehl, N., & Anderson, B. (in press) Right hemisphere brain damage impairs strategy updating. Cerebral Cortex. Striemer, C., & Danckert, J. (2010). Through a prism darkly: re-evaluating prisms and neglect. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 14, 308-316.

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