Zdzislaw Chilmonczyk

National Medicines Institute, Poland

Zdzislaw Chilmonczyk was born in Szczecinek, Poland in 1946. He received the Master of Science degree and the Ph.D. degree in chemistry from the Warsaw University (Chemistry Department), Warsaw, Poland, in 1969 and 1977, respectively. Since 1969 to 1983 Zdzislaw Chilmonczyk was employed at the Chemistry Department of Warsaw University as research associate and lecturer. From 1983 till 2000 Zdzislaw Chilmonczyk was with Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland where in the beginning he was a group leader and afterwards research director. Since 2000 he joined National Medicines Institute, Warsaw, Poland, where he was a senior Research Fellow and research director. Presently he is a Professor, head of Cell Biology Department, National Medicines Institute, Warsaw. He is mainly interested in medicinal chemistry (search for new compounds exhibiting anticancer and CNS activity, synthesis, pharmacological evaluation, molecular modeling) and cell biology (apoptosis, cell cycle regulation). He is a Fellow of Polish Neuroscience, Polish Pharmacological and Polish Medicinal Chemistry Society. Zdzislaw Chilmonczyk was a member of the Steering Committee of EFMC, President of 3 Polish and international conferences on medicinal chemistry as well as a member of scientific committees of several Polish and international conferences on medicinal chemistry. He was honoured with Polish government, Polish Pharmaceutical Society and Main Technical Organization of Poland awards.

Biography Updated on 12 April 2011

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