Rahul Rama Hegde

Validation, Lupin Limited, Verna Industrial Area, Verna, Salcete Goa, India, India


Rahul Rama Hegde, Specialist of drug development (Ph.D. degree holder in pharmaceutics), now is an Sr-Executive of Validation, at Lupin Ltd., Registered Pharmacist at Goa State Pharmacy Council, and Member of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association. He got his B.Pharm. degree in pharmaceutical science, M.Pharm. degree in quality assurance, as Specialist in ophthalmic drug product development, and Doctor's degree (Ph.D. degree) at IFTM University, Moradabad. Dr. Hegde got the Sarasvatibai Ramachandra Vaidya and IPA Award in 2005. He is also recipient of International Travel Grant from SERB an autonomous body under department of science and technology, New Delhi (under Govt of India). Currently Dr. Hegde researches focus on colloidal drug delivery system for ocular and topical applications. Dr. Hegde gained significant expertise in small angle neutron scattering of nonionic surfactant micelles. Dr. Hegde has developed expertise in drug product development, in vitro and in vivo release kinetics in ocular tissues. He has also successfully developed few acetamide derivatives with dual inflammation associated cancer therapeutics. He is also involved in biomedical and thermal application of nonionic surfactants in drug delivery systems and commercial diesel engine fuel engineering. Currently Dr. Hegde is involved in quality assurance activities of Lupin Ltd., Goa Plant. He is handling various quality activities related to quality issues, compliance, customer requirements. He has successfully faced MHRA, USFDA, TGA, and WHO audits.

Biography Updated on 24 December 2017