M. Gonzalo Claros

Universidad de Málaga, Spain


I am professor at the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Málaga in Spain. I received my M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Molecular Biology from the Department of Molecular Biology at Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain) in 1986 and 1990, respectively, shedding some light on the amylase regulation in yeast. I performed some research about biophysical limitations to the import of proteins into mitochondria and I developed software and algorithms to predict the topology of transmembrane proteins (TopPred), or the importability of proteins into mitochondria and chloroplasts (MitoProt). After my arrival to Málaga, I have moved to the development of molecular markers in olive tree and the study of nitrogen metabolism and wood formation in conifers. Since 2007 I am leading the research of the Bioinformatics Andalusian Platform (http://www.scbi.uma.es), where we have been able to automate the detection of differentially expressed genes in microarrays from different technologies (Affimetrix, Agilent, home-made two colours) and increase the statistical significance where data are scarce. We also have performed studies demonstrating that the correct pre-processing of NGS reads improve the final result of genome or transcriptome assemblies, leading to the development of software such as SeqTrim and SeqTrimNext. We have also developed a framework to facilitate the development of parallel/distributed computing to analyse NGS reads. Finally, we are constantly modifying our common workflows in order to obtain better assemblies and annotations using well-known algorithms as well as new ones developed by members of my working team. Some sequencing results have already been published as databases (for example, EuroPineDB) and other are on-going and will be made public in a near future. All our public software is offered via web by an all-purpose framework developed by ourselves.

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