Ignacio Pérez De Castro

Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, Spain

Ignacio Pérez de Castro got his degree in biology in 1992 at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain. From 1992 to 1998, he worked as a Ph.D. student in Dr. Fernandez-Piqueras' laboratory and also at the Autonomous University of Madrid, on the search of new tumor suppressor genes using a mouse model system. He participated in the characterization of specific allelic losses on mouse chromosome 4 that were associated with lymphomagenesis and in the subsequent study of p15 and p16, two tumor suppressor genes that were frequently inactivated in mouse and human lymphomas. He showed that multiple cooperative alterations of Rb and p53 cell cycle regulators are frequent in mouse T-cell lymphomas. At the end of 1998, De Castro started his postdoctoral training (1998–2003) at Dr. Pellicer’s laboratory in the New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY, USA. There, he extended his work on the study of p15 and its splicing variant p10. On the other hand, using KO-N-ras mice, he showed that N-ras plays an important role in T-cell function. In collaboration with Dr. Philips’s group, he participated in the characterization, at the molecular and cellular level, of the mechanisms involved in the specific role of N-ras in T-cell signaling. Also, during his postdoctoral stage at Dr. Pellicer's lab, he collaborated in other project focused on the role of the oncogene Rgr in tumorigenesis. Since January 2004, working in Dr. Malumbres’ laboratory at the CNIO, Madrid, Spain, De Castro has focused on the study of mitosis and how its regulators could be associated with cancer. Using, as a major tool, genetic mouse models, he is trying to validate the role that some of these regulators, especially Aurora kinases, have as therapeutic targets for cancer treatment. During this period, he has also worked in other studies on the regulation of Aurora kinases by SUMOylation and on the characterization of new microRNAs involved in tumorigenesis.

Biography Updated on 13 May 2012

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