Rosa M. Blanco

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain

User Biography : Dr Rosa M. Blanco Dr Rosa M Blanco is a Tenured Scientist at the Institute of Catalysis in the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid, Spain. Her main area of interest is enzyme immobilization, focused on the preparation and study of different supports and their interactions with enzymes in order to achieve “tailor made” matrixes to improve catalysts properties. In the last years siliceous materials have been used: Amorphous silica with wide average pore diameter, grafted with organic chains. The interactions of these surfaces with the enzyme; the maximum enzyme loading in monolayer; the catalyst activity, stability and the leaching of the enzyme. The diffusional limitations derived from the presence of the porous network and the size of the particles. Ordered Mesoporous Materials with pore sizes with similar diameter as the enzyme. Materials with different pore shapes, namely channel pores and cage-window pores. The interactions of enzymes with these different materials; the influence of the topology of the support on the enzyme loading, catalytic activity and stability and the enzyme leaching; the influence of the chemical nature of the surface on the intensity of the interaction and on all the former parameters. In situ encapsulation of enzymes in siliceous ordered mesoporous materials with cage-window pores. The particularities of the synthesis of this material, and the effects of this topology especially on enzyme loading and enzyme leaching.

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