Miloslav Znojil

Nuclear Physics Institute, Czech Republic

Miloslav Znojil was born in Prostejov, Czechoslovakia, in 1946. He received his B.S. degree (level degree) in nuclear physics from Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1968, his M.S. degree (level degree) in physics from the Charles University (CU) in Prague, Czech Repblic, in 1969, his C.S. degree(i.e., Ph.D. level) in theoretical physics, based on the thesis on perturbation calculations in light nuclei, from the Charles University in 1977, and his Dr.S. degree in mathematical physics, based on the series of results on nonvariational methods, from the same university in 1992. After a short period of being in a lecturer (CU, 1969) and a research assistant (Institute of Nuclear Research, 1970-1971), he works at NPI ASCR in Rez. He is the author or coauthor of about 230 refereed papers in international scientific impacted journals and the editor or coeditor of proceedings. The list of his research interests ranges from the foundations of quantum mechanics to mathematical methods in physics. It covers, at present, mainly crypto-Hermitian models in quantum theory and beyond, with emphasis on the applicability of functional analysis, linear algebra (e.g., continued fractions), and symmetries via, typically, numerical, symbolic manipulation, (quasi)exact or supersymmetric analytic or computer-assisted constructive techniques. Znojil's current Hirsch index is 27. At present, he is a Member of the Czech Physical Society (where he founded, and keeps going, the PT-symmetry-inspired international series of conferences PHHQP), the Doppler Institute (the deputy director and the main organizer of the international series of conferences AAMP), and the American Math. Society (Reviewer).

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