Ryoko Kuriyama

University of Minnesota, USA


Ryoko Kuriyama was born in Japan and completed her undergraduate (B.S. in biology, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, 1971) and graduate (Ph.D. in biochemistry, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, 1976) degrees in Japan. After receiving her postdoctoral training in the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis, USA (from 1976 till 1979) and National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki, Japan (from 1979 till 1981), she joined the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Wisconsin as an Assistant Scientist (1981–1984). Since 1984, she has been with the Department of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, Min, USA (Assistant Professor (1984–1989), Associate Professor (1989–1993), and Professor from 1993 till present). Her areas of expertise are molecular cell biology of centrioles, centrosome, and microtubule-organizing centers in mammalian, and her current focuses are on the structure and function of the centriole/centrosome in the cell cycle and cell growth control. She was an Editor of Protoplasma (1994–1998) and an NIH Study Section Member (1992–1997). Currently, she is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Cytoskeleton (from 1994 till present) and Centrosome Research (from 2011 till present) and a Member of the American Society for Cell Biology since 1982.

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