Lucia Rocco

Second University of Naples, Italy

Lucia Rocco received a degree in biological sciences and a Ph.D. in histology and embryology. She works as a Researcher in comparative anatomy and cytology at the Second University of Naples, Caserta, Italy, a Coordinator of the M.S. degree in fertility and prenatal diagnosis, a Coordinator of the M.S. degree in applied biotechnology at the ART, and a Scientific Coordinator of the SUNFert Pre- and Postnatal Cytogenetics Service and Analysis for Infertility. She serves as a Member of the scientific board of Ph.D. degree in cellular and molecular biotechnology. Her teaching assignments at the Second University of Naples are about developmental biology, biology of reproduction, and cell biology. Her research interest regards mainly the genomic organization of lower vertebrates, particularly osteichthyes and chondrichthyes. The main research profiles include the study of phylogenetic relationships throughout the genome evolution in chondrichthyes and osteichthyes by means of some satellite DNA family and ribosomal RNA gene isolation and characterization and their FISH chromosome localization as well as of the mitochondrial genes, the study of aquatic pollutant toxic effects on the heterothermic fauna genome, and the individuation of peculiar DNA sequences useful as genetic markers. Her research projects include characterization of a family of SINE sequences in the genome of cartilaginous fish, the terrestrial fauna of Italy, biodiversity and conservation, evaluation of environmental stress on fish fauna induced by genotoxic agents, changes in the DNA of fish induced by drugs and personal care products found in the inland waters of Campania, evaluation of ecotoxicological drugs and their products of phototransformation, drugs and their biotic and abiotic transformation products in the aquatic environment, monitoring, toxicity, and treatments, evaluation of damage induced by drugs in the genome of the Sarno river fish, emerging contaminants in the aquatic environment, study of eco-physiological and toxicological assessment of the effects of synthetic musks in the aquatic fauna.

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