Alexander Bolonkin


Alexander A. Bolonkin was born in former USSR. He holds a Doctoral degree in aviation engineering from Moscow Aviation Institute and a Postdoctoral degree in aerospace engineering from Leningrad Polytechnic University. He has held the positions of Senior Engineer at the Antonov Aircraft Design Company and Chairman of the Reliability Department at the Glushko Rocket Design Company. He has also lectured at the Moscow Aviation Universities. Following his arrival in the USA in 1988, he lectured at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and worked as a Senior Researcher at NASA and the US Air Force Research Laboratories. Furthermore, Professor Bolonkin is the author of more than 170 scientific articles and books, and 17 inventions to his credit. His most notable books include The Development of Soviet Rocket Engine (Delphic Ass., Inc., Washington , 1991); Non-Rocket Space Launch and Flight, (Elsevier, 2006); New Concepts, Ideas, Innovation in Aerospace, Technology and Human Life (NOVA, 2008); Macro-Projects: Environment and Technology (NOVA, 2009); New Technologies and Revolutionary Projects, Sbcribd, 2010, 324 pgs.

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