Mensur Omerbashich

Bosnian Royal Family, P.O. Box 1, Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina


Mensur Omerbashich, the crown prince of Bosnia, is a theoretical geophysicist who has made fundamental discoveries in theoretical geophysics and theory of spectral analysis. He worked as lead geodesist at Berkeley National Laboratory, and as Marie Curie senior geophysicist at Geophysics Institute of Hungary. He published research papers and served as a reviewer for scientific journals in physics and geophysics. He has been an invited speaker at scientific conferences in EU and USA, as well as a member of various scientific associations and bodies. Prior to obtaining PhD from UNB he obtained diploma in advanced CADD from MIT. Omerbashich counterclaimed the 2012 physics Nobel Prize. His fundamental discoveries include expressing of gravity in terms of speed of light, as hinted by A. Einstein (see and

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