Ian Sherrington

University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom

Ian Sherrington holds an honors degree in physics from the University of Liverpool. His Ph.D. thesis addressed methods for the measurement and characterization of surface topography and some of methods he developed during this study are now in mainstream use in surface measurement instruments and surface characterization software. On becoming a Lecturer at Lancashire Polytechnic, he developed an interest in measuring the thickness of hydrodynamic lubricating films and developed the concept for the first bespoke single pass, capacitance-based, oil film thickness measurement system. In the intervening years, this system has been widely applied to investigate the lubrication of piston rings in IC engines as well as other engineering contacts. This equipment continues to be developed further and used in new applications. He serves now as the Director of the Jost Institute for Tribotechnology, where he oversees the operation of a number of projects in surface engineering and tribology. Many projects focus on the use of tribology as a contribution to sustainable engineering (green tribology) and include the development of a lubrication control system for large two stroke marine diesel engines, the evaluation of materials for lead free bearings, strategies to reduce marine biofouling and low-friction valve train for IC engines. He is a Member of the IMechE Tribology Group Committee and the Editorial Board of Part J of the Proceedings of the IMecheE, and he has published a number of tribology-based patents as well as papers and book chapters on tribology topics.

Biography Updated on 16 January 2011

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