Maria G. Gabrielli

University of Camerino, Italy

Maria Gabriella Gabrielli received her degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Camerino, Italy. During her postgraduated training, she worked at the Medical Pharmacology Department in the Uppsala University Biomedical Centre, Sweden. She is currently an Associate Professor of cell biology and developmental biology at the School of Biosciences and Biotechnology of the Camerino University where she carries out her teaching in the Biology and Nutritional Biology first level degree courses. She served as a Reviewer for several scientific journals (Histol.Histopathol., Micr.Res.Techn., Anat.Rec., ect.). Her research has two main interests. First, the relationship between the expression and distribution of carbonic anhydrase (CA) enzymes and their functional significance have been investigated in several biological processes, in normal and pathological conditions as well as in the morphogenetic program. Thus, an involvement of the enzyme has been established in avian extraembryonic structures in relation to bicarbonate reabsorption from the eggshell so to prevent metabolic acidosis in the embryo during development. The research activity also includes current studies on the possible relationship between the expression of specific CA isoenzymes, linked to cancer cell invasion, and oxidative stress in neuropathy conditions. Second, a series of investigations have been carried out to elucidate the expression of cell surface glycocomponents, their modulation and functional meaning in animal models also in specific dietary conditions. The objective is to develop a platform of in vivo and in vitro models that can predict or demonstrate the effect of nutrition and/or bacteria on epithelial integrity and function, which are based on the use of validated biomarkers.

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