Ning Meiying

Novel Drug Delivery and Biomaterial Research Center, National Research Institute for Family Planning, China

My name is Ning meiying. I was born in a small country, shangxi province. When I was still a young girl, I have a dream to be a doctor in some hospital in city. Father and mother told me:” if you try your best, the dream will be realized”. So I studied very hard, and to be a citizen of Beijing . Though I didn’t become a doctor , I got a doctor ‘s degree. I left my childhood place long ago, but I never forget my hometown and local simple people who raised me and urged me to be an honest and respected person. I will be sticking to it wherever I go. In 1993, I graduated from the Shangxi medical university. My major is pharmacy. In 1998, I entered the research field after 5 years’ working experiences in a hospital. After 3 years, I got master’s degree in 2001. 1 year later, fortunately I was enrolled by National Research Institute for Family Planning (Beijing union medical university). My researching topic was on liposomes for vaginal drug delivery system. During that period, I published 5 papers in international journals. In 2005, I served for a generic drug company when I got the Doctor’s degree. I started to learn and mastered new drug registered regulations and new drug developing administration, schedules besides new drug sciences and technology. I applied for 7 patents on drug composition and analytic method. In 2007, I transfered to DDS department of Academy of military medical sciences. I am currently researching pharmaceutical polymers on new drug delivery system. During these two years, I got Chinese postdoctor fund, applied for two patents and submitted one paper. Till now, I am satisfied with my career road. I will be being on the way to be an honest and respected person. I believe everybody would support me and help me. Thank you.

Biography Updated on 6 February 2011

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