Gao-Ren Li

Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Gao-Ren Li, Dr. Prof. Research Interest: We are interested in the research of the electrochemical energy of nanomaterials. The main work in our group is the research on the supercapacitor applications of transition metal oxides (MnO2, NiO, CoOx, and NiCoOx), conducting polymers (PANI and PPy), and the composites of transition metal oxide/conducting polymer. The following works are focused: (1) Electrochemical synthesis of transition metal oxide nanomaterials with high specific surface area and conductive for supercapacitors with high specific capacitance, energy density, and power dendity; (2) Design and synthesis of the composites of transition metal oxide/conducting polymer nanomaterials with high synergistic effects for supercapacitors. In addition, we investigate the synthesis of novel nanostructures of rare earth oxides, rare earth-iron group alloys, Pt-transition metal alloys, and Pt/transition metal/transition metal oxide composites for electrochemical energy applications.

Biography Updated on 15 October 2012

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