Fazoil I. Ataullakhanov

Moscow State University, Russia

Fazly I. Ataullakhanov received his M.S. degree in physics with a specialization in biophysics from Moscow State University, Russia, in 1969. He received a Ph.D. degree in physics from the Institute of Biological Physics, National Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, in 1974. In 1984, Ataullakhanov received the Ph.D. degree in biology, the highest scientific degree in Russia. He opened his laboratory in the Institute for Biological Screening of Chemical Compounds in 1982. In 1989 Dr. Ataullakhanov moved his research to the National Research Hematology Center, Moscow. In 1995 he became a Professor of the Physics Department of Moscow State University, where he had been teaching since 1984. Dr. Ataullakhanov currently serves as a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Membrane and Cell Biology, Russia, and is a member of three Science Councils: at the National Research Hematology Center, Moscow, at the Institute of Theoretical Problems of Physicochemical Pharmacology, Moscow, and at the Institute of the Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics in Pushchino, Moscow Region. In 1996, he was elected a Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. He is also a member of the Biochemical Society of Russia and of the Biophysical Society in the USA. Since 2006, Dr. Ataullakhanov has served as a Director of the Institute of Theoretical Problems of Physicochemical Pharmacology, Moscow. His past and present research interests include (1) mathematical modeling of enzymatic networks; (2) nonlinear dynamics, self-organization and pattern formation; (3) metabolism and mechanics of red blood cells; (4) spatial and temporal dynamics of blood coagulation; (5) mechanics and dynamics of chromosome-microtubule interactions; (6) nanotechnology; and (7) new scientific devices.

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