Nikolaos Aretakis

National Technical University Of Athens, Greece


Nikos Aretakis works as a lecturer at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Athens, Greece. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from NTUA (2000) and his Degree of Mechanical Engineering from NTUA (1994). His main research activities include engine monitoring and diagnostics for gas turbines, experimental techniques in fluid mechanics and turbomachines, unsteady flows in turbomachines, unstable operation of compressors, environmental impact of gas turbines, gas turbine performance and emissions modelling, aircraft mission analysis, and flight profile optimization. Dr. Aretakis performed work in contracts with various industrial outfits, mainly, gas turbine and jet engine manufactures, such as SNECMA (France), MTU (Germany), and ENEL (Italy). Extensive work has been performed on specific Industrial gas turbines (SULZER TYPE 10, ABB GT13E2, GE PG9171E, Siemens V64.3, LM2500, and LM6000) and jet engines (GE J79, GE J85, GE T700, Allison T56, CFM56, and RR Trent). Methods developed by the Diagnostics group of the Laboratory of Thermal Turbomachines (NTUA), of which he is one of the leading members, have been adopted by various outfits worldwide, such as General Electric (USA), Pratt and Whitney (USA), SNECMA (France), and DSTO (Australia).

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