Jessy Alexander

University of Chicago, USA

Jessy Alexander received her Ph.D. degree from Central University, India, and currently serves as a Research Associate (Associate Professor) at the University of Chicago. She also serves as the Chair of the American Fellowship Panel, AAuW. Her lab is interested in the role of the complement cascade in health and disease. The lab has identified the rodent immune adherence receptor (IAR) from platelets with characteristics of factor H, the identity of which had tickled complementologists for a long time. Further, it has also demonstrated that the mouse podocyte factor H is the functional analog to human complement receptor 1. Using genetically engineered mice with factor H deletion, it continues to study factor H and its ever-expanding list of functions in different organs, mainly the kidney. The lab also focusses on the role of the complement cascade in the development of neuropsychiatric lupus and its possible potential as a therapeutic target. Recently, the studies of the lab demonstrated that inhibition of the C5aR prevented blood-brain barrier dysfunction in lupus. In addition, they have also shown that C5a/C5aR signalling occurs through the NFkb pathway.

Biography Updated on 15 March 2012

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