Gabriela Mustata

University of Southern Indiana, USA

Gabriela Mustata obtained the M.A. degree in 1997 from the Free University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, and in 2003, she earned the Ph.D. degree in computational biochemistry from the University of Houston, USA. Trained as a Computational Chemist in the drug discovery environment, she served as a Research Scientist in both pharmaceutical industry and academia. Her expertise in the fields of computational chemistry and biology has been utilized to design novel therapeutically active molecules for a series of biological systems and to develop new methods and technologies for the advancement of drug discovery and oral drug delivery. She serves currently as a Pharmacoinformatics Specialist at the School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, where she plays the leading role in the chemoinformatics endeavors of the Department of Computational and Systems Biology. She also serves as a Codirector at the University of Pittsburgh Chemical Diversity Center, one of the 12 national centers selected to participate in the Chemical Biology Consortium of the National Cancer Institute. Her research interests are focused on the application of advanced computational methodologies in the area of computer-aided drug design using modern techniques of structure-based and ligand-based approaches, pharmacophore modeling, virtual library design, virtual screening, and ADME/Toxicity in silico modeling. She is especially interested in finding and understanding the connection between molecular targets to disease and to exploit these connections for the development of therapies and the subsequent benefit in terms of human health outcome.

Biography Updated on 13 April 2011