Fedele Lizzi

University of Naples Federico II, Italy


Fedele Lizzi was born in Napoli in October 1956. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Università di Napoli Federico II in 1979. Later he obtained a Ph.D. degree in elementary particle physics from Syracuse University in 1985, discussing a thesis on the theory and phenomenology of the Skyrme model, under the supervision of A. P. Balachandran. He held the position of a Research Associate at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Trieste, Italy). Since 1991, he has been at Università di Napoli Federico II. He has been a Visitor at Oxford University, Heriot Watti University (Edinburgh, UK), Schrodinger Institute (Vienna, Austria), Institute for Mathematical Sciences (Chennay, India), Universidad de San José (Costa Rica), and Universidad de Sao Paulo (Brazil). He worked early in his career on topological solitons and skyrmions, strings (null string), and Witten string field theory. His main interest during later years has been in various aspects of noncommutative geometry, comprising finite noncommutative approximations, the Connes model for the standard model based on noncommutative spectral triples, applications on noncommutative geometry to cosmology, fuzzy spaces, and twisted noncommutative field theories.

Biography Updated on 26 June 2008

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