Isabel Suelves

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain


Isabel Suelves received her Ph.D. degree in chemistry from Zaragoza University (Spain) on 1998, on the subject of copyrolysis of coal and petroleum residues. After that, she spent two years at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (London University) as a Postdoctoral Researcher funded by two Marie Curie Research Training Grants (Nonnuclear Energy Program and Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Program), working on the advanced characterization of liquids derived from coal. At present, she works as a Scientific Researcher at the Instituto de Carboquimica (CSIC) in Spain, where she is integrated in the “Fossil Fuels Conversion Group.” She serves as a Member of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry, the Spanish Hydrogen Association, and on the Editorial Board of the Spanish Carbon Group Newsletter. She has participated in 26 research projects funded by the European Commission, the Spanish government, and the local government, and she has published 88 papers in international refereed journals covered by the SCI and 55 contributions to collective books, and she also has presented more than 140 contributions to national and international scientific meetings. She has supervised 3 doctoral thesis and 15 projects of chemical engineering students. During the last years, Suelves has carried out her research on the simultaneous production of hydrogen and nanostructured carbon by thermocatalytic decomposition of natural gas and hydrocarbon wastes, covering different aspects of the process like the development of high-efficiency and long-active-life catalysts, the optimization of the operation parameters, the development of a suitable technology allowing its scaling-up, and the search for an application of the carbon material.

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