Sobhi Nasir

Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

Sobhi Nasir is a Professor of mineralogy and geochemistry and Head of Department of Earth Science at the Sultan Qaboos University. He received a Ph.D. degree in mineralogy from the University of Wuerzburg Germany in 1986. His research interests include the Arabian lithosphere, Oman Geology, volcanic rocks, Semail ophiolite, carbonatite, kimberlite, meteorite, and applied geology and mineralogy. He have published more than 130 papers in international journals, and built his international reputation through his research focusing on the Arabian lithosphere (Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria). This has included characterization of the upper mantle and lower crust through geochemical, isotopic, petrologic and mineralogical composition of basalts and mafic and ultramafic xenoliths derived from the lower crust and upper mantle in volcanic rocks from Tasmania, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, and Oman. His research area focused presently on meteorites, REE-rich carbonatite, and carbonate rich ultramafic rocks which include kimberlite and ultramafic lamprophyres in eastern Oman. He wrote several books and many technical reports on gemstones, industrial rocks, and minerals and the geology of Oman. He is a reviewer and a member on the editorial board of several international journals.

Biography Updated on 4 November 2012

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