Tang-Hsien Chang

National Taiwan University, Taiwan


Tang-Hsien Chang received Ph.D. degree from National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 1986. He is currently a Professor of Civil Engineering Department at National Taiwan University. His major field is related to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Measurement and Control, particularly on Vehicle Control, Traffic Measurement and Control, Near Field Informatics, Telematics and Traffic Cloud Computing, V2V and V2R/V2I. Recent International Publications: “Dynamic Traffic Prediction for Insufficient Data Roadways via Automatic Control Theories”, Control Engineering Practice, V19(12), 1479-1489. “ADVANCE-F Car Following Model and Its Traffic Characteristics”, International Journal of Automotive Technology, V12(6), 933-942. “Dynamic Data Regulation for Fixed Vehicle Detectors”, IEEE Transactions on ITS, V11(1), 113-121. “On-board Measurement and Warning Module for Irregular Vehicle Behavior”, IEEE Transactions on ITS, V9(3), 501-513. “Modeling and Optimization of an Oversaturated Signalized Network”, Transportation Research, B, V38(8), 687-707. “Field Performance Assessment of the ADVANCE-F Automatic Steering Control Vehicle”, Control Engineering Practice, V12(5), 569-576. “Optimization of Mainline Traffic via an Adaptive Coordinated Ramp-Metering Control Model with Dynamic OD Estimation”, Transportation Research, C, V10(2), 99-120. “Effect of Vehicles’ Suspension on Highway Horizontal Curve Design”, ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, V127(1), 89-91. “Optimal Signal Timing for an Oversaturated Intersection”, Transportation Research, B, V34(6), 471-491. “Analysis of Characteristics of Mixed Traffic Flow of Autopilot Vehicles and Manual Vehicles”, Transportation Research, C, V5(6), 333-348. “Vehicle Lateral Control Modeling for Steering Automation in the ADVANCE-F System”, Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, V18(3), 149-159.

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