Simon Agwale

Innovative Biotech. Ltd., Nigeria

Simon Agwale is the founder and CEO of Innovative Biotech Nig. Ltd., Keffi, Nigeria,, and Innovative Biotech Inc.,USA. Agwale has a vision for the development and investigation of HIV vaccine constructing from prevalent Nigerian strains which are relevant to Nigerians. Furthermore, Agwale is currently developing a manufacturing process for conjugate typhoid vaccine which has a potential to eradicate typhoid fever worldwide. His studies on molecular epidemiology of HIV in Nigeria led to the establishment of subtypes A/G recombinant and G as the most predominant subtypes in Nigeria. Agwale led the studies that established the first molecular evidence of HIV-2 in Nigeria. In addition, he reported the first case of drug resistant HIV-1 in Nigeria. With over 18 years of experience combining top-level scientific research with the operations of a Biotech company, he has been involved in academic research at various institutions in Nigeria (University of Jos where he obtained his Ph.D. degree; National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development; Gede AIDS and Infectious Diseases Research Institute; Innovative Biotech Ltd.), Brazil (Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Rio de Janeiro), Germany (Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Diseases Hamburg; Robert Koch Institute Berlin), UK (Imperial College London at Silwood Park, Ascot), and USA (Institute of Human Virology, Baltimore, National Institutes of Health Bethesda, and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta). He is an Expert Adviser to the Nigerian National Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Biologicals for the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration (NAFDAC). Furthermore, he is an active Member of the West African Consortium (WANETAM) to prepare West Africa for the conduct of clinical trials on drugs/vaccines against TB, AIDS, and Malaria.

Biography Updated on 5 September 2011

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