Pablo Fernandez-Penas

University of Sydney, Australia

Pablo Fernandez-Penas serves as an Associate Professor of dermatology at the University of Sydney, Australia, and a Senior Medical Practitioner (Academic) at the Westmead Hospital, as well as a Director of Research and Teaching and Practicing Dermatologist at the Skin and Cancer Foundation, Westmead, Australia, with over 16 year of experience as a dermatologist. He graduated in medicine in 1989 (Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain) and was trained in dermatology at the University Hospital La Princesa (Madrid, Spain) finalizing in 1994. In 2000, he received his Ph.D. degree at the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain). He moved to Australia in 2007. He has been a Board Member of the Spanish and the European Academies of Dermatology and Venereology. He acts as a Member of the Maintenance Team of the IEC/EN 60335-2-27 Standard, which deals with the safety of sunbeds, both in the International Electrotechnical Commission and in the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization. He has joined the WHO ICD11 Dermatology Topic Advisory Group. Although his Ph.D. degree was in keratinocyte adhesion and motility, and he has worked in photobiology with melanocytes and dendritic cells, he focuses on translational and clinical research in dermatology. His main fields of interest are oncohematology, basic photobiology, quality of life, and information technologies. He is a passionate teacher and researcher.

Biography Updated on 26 December 2012

Articles in Scholarly Journals [Incomplete List]

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