Soo-Ik Chang

Chungbuk National University, Republic of Korea

Soo-Ik Chang gained the Ph.D. degree in biophysical chemistry degree from Cornell University, USA (1988), the M.S. degree in physical chemistry from Korea University, Republic of Korea, (1983), and the B.S. degree in chemistry from Korea University, Republic of Korea (1981). Chang has been a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London, London, UK (Department of Chemistry) since 2009 and a Professor at Chungbuk National University (Department of Biochemistry) since 2000. He was a Research Fellow (C.B.B.S.M) from 1988 to 1991 at Harvard Medical School. Chang's group at Chungbuk National University has been actively engaged in the development and application of protein chip and droplet-based microfluidics systems to pharmaceutical and biological problems. The primary focus of this research effort has been in the development and application of protein micro- and nanoarray systems for drug screening and of droplet-based microfluidics systems for measuring protein-protein interactions. Key projects within the group include high-throughput screening for new angiogenesis inhibitors (Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2008, 377, 1288-1293), profiling of differential protein expression (Proteomics, 2006, 6, 1104-1109) by using the protein microarray system, and high-throughput measurement for protein-protein interaction by using atomic force microscope (Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2007, 362, 935–939; Proteomics, 2006, 6, 1094-1103) and by using droplet-based microfluidics (Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2009, 10, 1605–1611). In addition, Chang's group has been involved in the field of angiogenesis in general and in the study of an angiogenic factor angiogenin in particular (Biochemistry, 2009, 48, 3804-3806). Various in vitro and in vivo angiogenesis assays have been developed (Biochemistry, 2010, 49, 3282-3288), and gene therapy techniques using adenoassociated virus have been used for therapeutic angiogenesis therapy (Experimental and Molecular Medicine, 2007, 39, 412-418)

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